Slide “Welcome to Novigi - Your AI Assistant for Travel & Hospitality” I can save up to 8x of your costs by automating CX channels How will you do that for airports, hotels, and online travel companies? “How will you do that for airports, hotels,and online travel companies?” “Welcome to Novigi - Your AI Assistant for Travel & Hospitality” I can save upto 8x of your costs by automating CX channels iphone-front-view Conversational
AI for and
mobile-home By Novigi AI Products like customer service bot across all channels Enhancing digital experiences
using Bot Technology

We are now in a world, where customers want engagement that is…..

More Personalized messagingQuicker Turnaround TimeAvailable 24×7

Interactive CommunicationIntegrated Across all Platforms

Enterprises seeking the next big revolution for re-engineered customer engagement need to overcome the following challenges:


Diverse customer segments

Needs focused approach for millennials (digital first) to pensioners (in person interaction first).


Too Many Engagement Channels

Customers demand consistent and seamless engagement across all channels like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and other social channels.


Multi-Cultural & Multilingual customer base

Engage in languages the customers are comfortable with.


Rising costs and inability to cross sell

High number of basic queries choke up call centres resulting in high wait time for customers and inability to focus on value added tasks and cross sell.

Novigi’s Conversational AI platform built for scale

Accelerate your digital experiences using Novigi’s smart end to end chatbot and email automation for Airlines, Charter Airlines, Hotels, Travel Companies, Taxi operators

We’re ready to Boast the Most Powerful AI.Are you ready to experience it?
Spur on your digital experience with omni-channel enterprise grade Conversational AI as a service platform built from ground up for the travel and hospitality sector. Deploy and scale rapidly with 150+ use cases pre-built out-of-the-box to increase customer acquisition, reduce customer service turn around time and deepen customer engagement on Whatsapp, Messaging, Smart IVR, Mobile apps, Web, Facebook Messenger and Slack.

Reduce calls about flight information and
travel documents by 60%
Reduce calls about luggage and check-in
by 40%
Reduce emails and chat
Increase ancillary sales and manage SLA with customers and suppliers more efficiently & effectively

Automation that
runs your engine faster!

Trusted by leading Airlines and hospitality Institutions globally
With Novigi, you get to move faster without dependence on IT timelines and resources.We are a team of customer service professionals with a wealth of knowledge, which can be put to good use by building a chatbot that manages itself.

  • Expertise within the travel and hospitality industry
  • Content-rich User interface
  • Pre-trained NLP for the travel and hospitality sector
  • Providing innovative solutions and areas for improvement
  • Omnichannel presence across platforms
  • Ongoing support for agents
  • Analytical dashboard to evaluate user engagement
  • Design improvement as per customer experience

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Automate 60% of incoming requests with Novigi’s
conversational AI platform

Reduced burden on call centers
With Novigi, enterprise can ensure that human agents only receive calls about the most urgent, complex issues. By addressing the most common/ frequent issues without the help of a human, Novigo significantly reduces the number of inquiries that get routed to agents.

Reduce costs improve customer service
By automating 60% of the incoming requests, enterprises can significantly reduce the number of agents that they would otherwise require. Novigi reduces costs while also improving the customer service.

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