Why Novigi?

Our next-gen Conversational AI assists you with digital colleagues who,Solve the two critical discords of any Virtual Assistant deployment and help delivers.

Automated Conversations without human intervention

A consistently great CX across the entire journey


And, facilitate a faster pace of designing and deployment solution that are thoroughly tested and guarded with sustained security against any sort of data invasion.

Novigi aids enterprises to…

Increase Revenue:

Improved customer acquisition –
Convenience to customers, to communicate with companies and obtain products/services anytime, anywhere.

Reduced churn – Provide customers with the support needed to resolve issues whenever they want, increasing customer satisfaction thereby increasing sales conversion rate.

Basic routine customer interactions will be performed by the virtual agent, freeing up employee capacity to cross-sell products and services.

Enhances customer experience:

Using Novigi’s Conversational AI platform –
Enterprises can provide personalized and differentiated experiences through omni-channel deployment that build relationships with customers.

Every interaction provides 1:1 –
Conversation experience that is context-aware and informed by past interactions while reducing the turnaround time to respond to various customer’s queries.

Improve profitability

Novigi provides cost-efficient digital experiences that can potentially reduce cost by 15% to 70%.

Automation that
runs your engine faster!

Trusted by leading Airlines and hospitality Institutions globally
With Novigi, you get to move faster without dependence on IT timelines and resources.We are a team of customer service professionals with a wealth of knowledge, which can be put to good use by building a chatbot that manages itself.

  • Expertise within the travel and hospitality industry
  • Content-rich User interface
  • Pre-trained NLP for the travel and hospitality sector
  • Providing innovative solutions and areas for improvement
  • Omnichannel presence across platforms
  • Ongoing support for agents
  • Analytical dashboard to evaluate user engagement
  • Design improvement as per customer experience

Moreover, Novigi helps you manage the invisible yet significant drop in customers due to non-prompt response and restrictions in communication channels. Our omni-channel presence ensures that every customer query is dealt with in due time.

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With us, you can

Automate both answer and actions

Grow customer loyalty

Level-up your support team

Cross Sell & Upsell Products

Inform customers about updates and offers

Deploy Virtual Assistance

Address customer concerns with dynamic updates

Join our league and customize every interaction to strengthen your brand loyalty.

Automate 60% of incoming requests with Novigi’s
conversational AI platform

Reduced burden on call centers
With Novigi, enterprise can ensure that human agents only receive calls about the most urgent, complex issues. By addressing the most common/ frequent issues without the help of a human, Novigo significantly reduces the number of inquiries that get routed to agents.

Reduce costs improve customer service
By automating 60% of the incoming requests, enterprises can significantly reduce the number of agents that they would otherwise require. Novigi reduces costs while also improving the customer service.

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