Automate 60% of incoming requests with Novigi’s
conversational AI platform

Reduced burden on call centers
With Novigi, enterprise can ensure that human agents only receive calls about the most urgent, complex issues. By addressing the most common/ frequent issues without the help of a human, Novigo significantly reduces the number of inquiries that get routed to agents.

Reduce costs improve customer service
By automating 60% of the incoming requests, enterprises can significantly reduce the number of agents that they would otherwise require. Novigi reduces costs.

Omni-channel presence; conversational AI platform across

  • Chatbot based mobile application
  • Progessive web application
  • Mobile application
  • Emails
  • Whatsapp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Slack
  • Skype

Chatbot Automation

We provide a plethora of services ranging from slack for booking, cancellation & rescheduling; managing check- ins, refunds and excess luggage booking; tracking lost luggage to handling FAQs, using various channels like Facebook messenger and WhatsApp. Our web and application based chatbot provides a user- friendly experience with quality content. We offer pre-trained NLP data for all your travel queries with the sole aim of making it a wonderful and hassle- free experience from the moment of booking to checking out.

Context Aware Email Automation

While enterprises take some time between 48-72 hours to respond to the bulk mails they receive every day, email automation can help reduce the load by handling 60% of the traffic. Every email is crafted to be context aware with a readability for past interactions or trailing mails to respond intelligently. Automation can manage the mails addressing availability, booking, re-issuance, cancellation, insurance, baggage handling, and visa, to name a few. The focus of call center agents can thus remain static on only value adding tasks, as automation comes bearing rich UI and user friendly approach. 

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